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5 ways to reuse your resealable plastic bags

January 2021.

I have a drawer full of resealable bags in my kitchen, mostly coming from school and others coming from packaged products I can't avoid buying. The good thing about this supposedly "single use" item is that it's super resistant, waterproof and easy to clean/disinfect so I can find them a more permanent place in our lives.

I did talk to the teachers and the staff, placed reused bags in my kids backpacks but still… they keep "prison breaking" out of school and into my home.

So if like me, "zip locks" are growing in your home, here are 5 ideas to turn this curse into something usefull.

1. Organise and store

Pens, legos, pearls, play dough, puzzle pieces. They are convenient because you can easily see what's inside and replace buying plastic pencil cases and storage boxes.

2. Make a Magic drawing board

Keep on reading for this mess free activity DIY!

3. Bulk shopping

They are way lighter to carry than glass jars, and less bulky than plastic or metallic containers.

Don’t forget to tar before filling, they usually weight 1 to 7 grams.

4. Wet bags/Dry bags

For your wet beach wear, diapers, clothes, shoes or to protect your dry belongings against humidity.

5. Covid special

Use them as mask bags: wether it's to carry an extra face mask or to store your mask during a meal. A little sanitiser on spot, soap and water at home and your bag is clean for next time.

I did not list “travelling” because it’s not really 2020, but still, they are practical to sort things in your travel bags and get ready for security checks.

A demo of the Magic drawing board.

DIY Magic drawing board

Video DIY in my IG saved stories

My pantry for this DIY:

  • Paint

  • An old resealable bag

  • A piece of paper the size of the bag

3 steps:

  1. Place the paper inside the bag.

  2. Pour a thin layer of paint on one side of the paper.

  3. Close the bag flat and spread the paint all over and start drawing with your nails!


It's all about contrast: a dark paper + a light paint / a light paper + a dark paint.

Use the back of your pencils/paintbrushes, cookie cutters or playing dough accessories to draw some shapes.

Pour other colours on the other side of the board.


More kids DIY.


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