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Upcycling crayons

January 2021.

Let me tell you something, I LOVE sorting, organising and creating. So I tried to turn something not super fun for my kids into something that they'll play with, and the process turned out to be a great indoor activity! (Adult help and supervision is required).

So here we are, first day of a four day week-end and I open a pencil case full of crayons, the wax pastel type. There are from different brands, some are broken, some lids have been teared and since they were never my kids go to when they do a colouring, at that moment, my Marie Kondo instinct just want to get rid of them. They do NOT spark joy.

But my practical conscience kicks in and I decide to upcycle them instead.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the creative process of transforming waste materials or useless/unwanted products into something useful or to integrate them in an art project.

Why upcycle your crayons?

  1. To make bigger crayons, easier for a toddler to hold without breaking them.

  2. Melting crayons is a fun sensory/scientific experience and an original way to play with colours, textures and shapes.

  3. Because kids love novelty but novelty does not have to equal NEW. Novelty can be a toy kept in a closet for a few month that they'll rediscover or transformed objects they have lost interest in or outgrown.

  4. To develop their creativity and practical sense.

  5. Kids enjoy more and will take better care of something they have made themselves.

  6. Because it's fuuuuun. They loved it and the following morning when they woke up they went straight to their new doughnut shaped crayons!

How to melt crayons to make new ones?

There are different versions to melting crayons together, I chose to do it in the oven because in my opinion, it is the mess-free option.

I would not recommend mixing different brands together if you want something perfectly smooth and homogeneous as each brand use different amount/type of wax (can be vegetal wax or paraffin wax) so they won't melt at the same temperatures.

Basically what we did is remove all the lids, cut the crayons into smaller pieces so they'd melt faster and filled a silicone baking mould.

Fill the mould as much a possible as the level of crayons will go down as they melt.

If the lids won't come off, soak them in water.

We let them melt 20 to 30 minutes at 100C in the oven then cool on the kitchen counter (far away from my kids reach as melted wax can severely burn) and they solidified quite quickly.

My kids un-moulded them super easily when we cam back an hour later.

Slide for the images.

You liked this activity? Tag me in your creations on Instagram! I'll share them on my stories.


Keep the hot wax away from kids.

Do not stay in the kitchen during the melting or ventilate to avoid inhaling fumes that could cause headaches.


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