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Recycling tetra paks

January 2021.

This post is written for and in the city of Hong Kong but you can still learn a few thing on tetra paks recycling! Feel free to share in the comments section or through the contact form how to recycle them in your home country and I've placed the link for France in the footer.

Tetra paks have great qualities, they are easy to store in warehouses and during transportation, light weight and they protect the liquid they content from oxygen, germs, sunlight....

They are recyclable but they may not be collected in your country because opening a recycling facility costs a lot of money.

What are tetra paks made of?

Tetra paks are made of 6 layers of paper, plastic and aluminium heated and pressured together.

Image from Tetra Pak.

3 simple steps to recycle them in HK

  1. Cut them open flat, wash them, cut out the plastics lids, video here. Unlike plastics, tetra pats take very small space to store once opened flat and washed.

  2. Download the Water for Free* app and look for the Mil Mill sign.

  3. Drop them off at your nearest Mil Mill collection outlet or check out the Community Green Stations.

What is Mil Mill?

Mil Mill is a recycling plant and education center located in the New Territories.

It will turn your tetra packs into paper pulp.

My advice to be the best eco warrior you can be

Aside from reducing our general consumption, following recycling guidelines is the second best action to do: cut open, wash, take off all plastic tops.

I don’t know how many tetra paks are recycled in the end, but what I know is that I want to put all the chances on my side by reducing my consumption of tetra paks and following the very simple and easy guidelines.

The Tetra Pak refuse bin at the 121C Collection Outlet on Second Street (SYP).



In France beverage cartons are collected through used beverage cartons (UBC) extraction from municipal waste. For more information on recycling in France, please visit: http://www.ecoemballages.fr


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