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Recycling Paper

January 2021.

I was re reading the city of Hong Kong guidelines on recycling papers and cartons and realised I shouldn't be throwing even clean non laminated food carton boxes in the recycling bin (like starch/flour/chocolate cartons) and shoe boxes!

In Hong Kong, only those 3 types of paper go in the dedicated bin

  1. Newspapers, books and magazines

  2. Office papers, letters, drawings

  3. Cardboards

You can't recycle papers or carton spoiled by food.

Egg boxes can be composted without the label depending on your composting system.

Read how to recycle your tetra paks here.

Paper bags are collected in the government outlets (link here) and pop up Green collections.

Give your cardboards to elderly cardboard collectors in the streets (there are 2900 collectors in HK, mainly women over the age of 60!) read the article on HK free press dated August 27, 2018

It's good to re read these guidelines from time to time and share them with all the persons in our house, including our children.

How to avoid paper waste:

In the office/school

  • Reduce photocopies, keep a drawer next to the copy machine for scrap paper

  • Don't buy post its, use the scrap paper mentioned above or write on a board

  • Ask your school if they need your clean packagings for craft activities

  • Refuse paper visit cards and flyers: take photos

  • Bring your mug, plate and cutlery, you'll be using them everyday

  • Not everything need to be laminated

  • Don't buy new paper furnitures for the new school year if you still have left from the previous year. If a notebook is half full, use the other half.

Billing and banking

  • Replace utility bills with Internet Bills (WSD, HK Electrics, Towngas, PCCW... they all offer this service)

  • Refuse bank slips at ATM's

  • Ask your bank for E-Statements instead of paper mailed statements

Out shopping

  • Refuse shopping bags, even paper ones, bring your own bag

  • Ask for an E-Receipt instead of a paper one, some commerces have this service

  • If you are sure about the shoe size of the shoes you are about to purchase, you can tell the vendor to keep the box (you can't return a pair of shoes without a box)

At home

  • Replace hand towels with fabric towels

  • Replace tissues and wipes with fabric tissues or make some out of old cotton fabrics

  • Use the blank side of any useless paper for notes and drawings

  • Use a white board marker to leave notes on your mirrors instead of post its

Pik niks and birthdays

  • Replace single use plates and paper cups by durable options, you can prepare a kit you'll reuse for outdoor activities and birthdays or borrow your neighbour's

  • Refuse juice boxes

  • Replace wrapping papers with fabrics or up-cycled papers

Share the knowledge with your friends!


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