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Complete guide to Hong Kong New Recycling Stores

January 2021

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

I’ve never listed new year’s resolutions because I believe we can make resolutions any time, any day, so what if today was the day you chose to recycle (or to give recycling in Hong Kong a second chance)?

I had the honour of writing a guide for my favorite media, Green Queen, on Hong Kong's new Recycling network, aiming to educate and collect recyclables from the general public.

My number one advice on recycling in any city: follow guidelines.

It can be tempting to wishcycle, but even if it comes from a good intention, it can make more arm than good to the recycling process. We should always read how and what to throw in a recycling bin and that is why we made this super simple Guide!

Hoping this clear guide will make you realise how easy it is to recycle in Hong Kong and how much you can recycle!

Please share it with your family and the person in charge of cleaning you home so you can all embark on this journey together. You would be surprised how much kids enjoy helping recycle at home and how fun it is to go to the Recycling Stores for them and toss clean recyclables in the correct bin!

GREEN @ COMMUNITY: A Complete Guide To Hong Kong’s New Recycling Stores

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Looking forward to hearing and learning from you on social medias.


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