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Recycling a Christmas tree

Seasons greetings everyone!

January 2021.

I was very lucky to win an entry (sadly only for due to current restrictions) to see a very modern Santa that magically appeared on the couch!

But unlike Santa, our Christmas trees are not augmented reality tricks (yet) and how we discard them at the end of the season does have a real impact on the environment.

Hongkongers: take a look at The Environmental Protection Department 2020-21 Natural Christmas Trees Recycling Programme

🇫🇷 Parisians click here!

Highlight of the recycling tips of the flyer above

  • This program is for natural Christmas trees only

  • Remove very piece of plastic, bottom stand included

  • For recycling after January 11, contact 5743 9221

Do you wonder if it is best to buy a real or a fake Christmas tree?

I found an interesting read from 2018 by the New York Times that answers the following questions:

  • Is cutting down trees always bad for the environment?

  • Does reusing and artificial tree reduces its environmental impact?

  • Is the greenest real tree the one that’s bought locally and recycled?

  • Is the tree question just a drop in the bucket in this season of air travel and consumerism?

After many reads, I would say nothing beats a locally grown, pesticide free tree (with its roots still attached) that would be composted or replanted after the Holidays but for those living far from a tree farm, having a well sourced plastic tree that could be properly stored to be reused for more than 30 years is an option (PVC is a non recyclable material).

And since Christmas waste are not only tree related, follow me on Instagram and Facebook for low waste Christmas tricks or read my 5 steps article to a sustainable Christmas here!


🇫🇷 French speakers,

We recently launched a series of podcast episodes titled "Nos petits pas" with Emeline Maugé Sauteraud - available on most streaming platforms - and Episode 2 is all about preparing a sustainable Christmas.


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