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Short Interview for @Livezero_hk

ZERO WASTE JOURNEY - Nathalie founder of @respectful_living, originally from Paris but now in Hong Kong, shares her tips of living a low waste lifestyle with her family in town!

“I have been a customer at Live Zero since day 1! We are an environment conscious household and having this outlet we love and trust in our neighbourhood makes our packaging reduced lifestyle way easier.

I moved to Hong Kong from Paris with my little family 3 years ago and as we were restarting our lives from scratch here, packaging free shopping was an important part we missed.

I remember how excited I was to take my son bulk shopping when Live Zero opened. It’s a completely different experience than going to a supermarket. Children can be a part of it from choosing the containers at home to filling them up and learning what their food really look like outside of a box!

For me, bulk shopping also means choosing the amount I need, thus reducing our food waste and saving a lot of space in our pantry.

Also, have you noticed how easy meal prepping gets when you see everything in clear containers!?”

💚零廢心路歷程💚由法國巴黎舉家移居到香港的Nathalie,@respectful_living創辦人,與大家分享她和家人的低廢棄生活! 🌈👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


“由LIVE ZERO開業,我一家已開始支持這個在我們社區當中的環保店舖,令我這個崇尚無包裝,無塑膠的家庭生活十分方便。


我還記得LIVE ZERO剛開業時,我興奮地帶著兒子一起去購物 - 對於我們而言,那是跟去超級市場的感覺完全是兩會事!小孩子其實是裸買的好幫手,從揀選容器,到填滿容器,從中學識無包裝的生活方式的重要性。對於我來說,裸買除了不浪費包裝外,還代表我能控制自己購買多或少,減輕廚餘,又能減少食物櫃的空間!



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