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Interview. Ayelene Alcover Photography.

January 2021.

Ayelene Alcover is a Hong Kong based photographer I met on Instagram. We are both mothers (Latin mums) doing our best to raise kind, eco-conscious children in Hong Kong.

She have been giving me advices on how to improve my visual identity on Instagram, so I naturally turned to her to take the photos for this blog!

If you need a family portrait, she is the girl who made my husband say "you were right, those family photos where a brilliant ideas"! It only took 30 minutes, the kids where all over the place but as a mother of two and a photo snipper, she got it!

August 2020. For this photoshoot we had a very fun morning hike to the top of High West (Sai Ko Shan) 494m. The mountain is located in the Pok Fu Lam Country Park. I was actually supper lucky because it was pouring rain the night before!

Her idea was to symbolise the concrete jungle that is Hong Kong.

Hola Ayelen, can you tell us what is your life philosophy?

My life philosophy is rooted in my natal Argentina, where people live in the present and consider themselves rich in experiences and interactions, not possessions. I enjoy the little things, because that’s what happiness is to me.

What do you want your kids to remember growing up?

The adventures we went on together -not only the big ones- but that little hike behind our house when we saw wild pigs for the first time, or that relaxing day at the beach building sand castles. Experiences, friends they made and places they’ve been. How loved they are and how much they added to our lives.

My ultimate goal is to raise confident kids who will stand for what they believe in.

Tell us more about your passion for images.

Now, as a mum, but before as a partner, I've always been looking for ways to create memories, I am a constant memory maker; growing up, my dad used to take loads of photos of us. Those photos helped me maintain vivid a lot of family experiences and made me realize that memories are forever.

I think every family deserves to have their memories captured, like pressing a pause button in a life that, in our modern days, passes too fast.

I love the way you parent your two young kids, can you share a little?

Yes! We talk with them, travel with them and explain even taboo questions such as poverty, climate change, animal's feelings. Above all, we teach by example, showing them with our actions and not just our words. I will not say I have found a balance between keeping their innocence, a magical childhood and raising conscious/down to earth kids but,

I am doing my best, one day at a time.

Head to her website to book a sessions and to her Instagram to discover her work, read more about her life philosophy and get great photography tips!


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