Hello and welcome!

My name is Nathalie and I am part French and part Salvadorian. I grew up between the quiet French countryside and the ever expanding United Arab Emirates. I am now based in Hong Kong with my husband and our two young kids.

I am very curious and passionate about what I do.

Before moving here, I was working as a fundraiser for the worldwide NGO Action Against Hunger in Paris. 

I thought we were doing OK being "conscious", avoiding processed food, supermarket packaged goods and harmful products but that wasn’t enough. Our trash was still going to end up in a landfill -not far from our home actually- if not in Nature, destroying Wildlife and landscapes. So as we were restarting our lives from scratch here, it was a convenient time to rethink the way we lived. 

I started my Instagram account in 2017 to share my journey and raise awareness about the impact our modern lifestyle choices have on our environment. But more than raising awareness, I want to help individuals and families transition smoothly into new consuming patterns that are respectful of everything that inhabits our beautiful planet. Consuming less but better.

So, this is it! You’ll find on this website very simple life tricks and safe alternatives to everyday products, to help you live reduced waste lifestyles in urban environments, with a focus on the city of Hong Kong.

I hope to be part of your journey towards making conscious choices and that you’ll be part of mine.


Low Waste Living Activist


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